Galaxie pipeline

The "Galaxie" pipeline is designed to provide quick and automatic data treatment for studying galaxies's spectral energy distributions.
"Galaxie" is written in Java, which ensures compatibility, high performance, and easy extension mechanism.

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direct link to subprojects: JClassif - platefit_vimos


The "Galaxie" pipeline is designed for high performance treatment of galaxies's observations, from the raw data to the high level data products. It can for example:
Up to know, the whole "Galaxie" pipeline is still under development to make it an interactive and easy-to-use tool, but it will be soon progressively released on this website !

For more informations, please have a look at present subprojects:


"Galaxie" is available under the free GNU General Public Licence (GPL). You can freely use this code for what it is designed.
You may ask for the source code at the following address:
You can also extend/modify the existing code for you own needs. But please keep us informed of any modifications and/or improvments you make, by wiriting to this address: , so that they can be distributed to everyone.



all Java developments / main pipeline development: Fabrice Lamareille
additional Java developments (JClassif): Emeric Hache, Julien Marocco
platefit original IDL/fortran code development: Christy Tremonti, Jarle Brinchmann, Stéphane Charlot
platefit_vimos IDL adaptation/development: Fabrice Lamareille, Jarle Brinchmann
bayesian optimization C++ development: Fabrice Lamareille, Jakob Walcher
original stellar population fortran code development: Gustavo Bruzual, Stéphane Charlot, Jakob Walcher
stellar population C++ code adaptation/development: Fabrice Lamareille
additional Java developments (stellar population): Thibaut Mutin
plotting/fitting original SuperMongo development: Thierry Contini, Mustafa Mouhcine